My Weekend

Sometimes it ends up being a little more.


A Little Inspiration

It’s been a while since I’ve posted on a Monday. As anyone knows, Monday’s can often be cruel. We have weekend blues and wished that Monday was part of that weekend. What we have to do, but can seem impossible, is to find inspiration. I find myself looking through Instagram when I need a “mood…… Continue reading A Little Inspiration

I’m Shocked Too

It’s Friday. I do not have much to say. I had a very bad day, emotionally, yesterday, and the thought of writing anything worth while, puts a drain on me. So instead, I will wish you a fabulous weekend and a picture of my dog to keep you entertained while you pound away at your…… Continue reading I’m Shocked Too

Take A Deep Breath, The Craziness Is Arriving

Friday! For most, the weekend is a few smoke breaks away. I volunteered to work tomorrow so…. I don’t have much to say. It’s really early and I’m just trying to get back into my groove of blogging again. So enjoy this photo of my gorgeous dog, and have a happy f@$&ing Friday. This is…… Continue reading Take A Deep Breath, The Craziness Is Arriving

One Last Time

There are many things I have come to realize while working a weekend job. 1. I took my time for granted. Every Saturday before I started this job, I did errands and chores. On some days, I would lie around and do absolutely nothing. Ok, so this isn’t an atrocity. It is typical of a…… Continue reading One Last Time