A Spark of Inspiration

Thank you , friend.


300! (No, not the movie)

Many may scoff at the number. Their blogs with followers that reach the thousands, or perhaps they are even being paid for their endeavors.  While I aspire to become more like them, I must acknowledge the people who keep my dream alive.  Today, at the meek hour of approximately 3 am, this blog has 300…… Continue reading 300! (No, not the movie)

The Last Day

It’s the last day and I’m not sure how to feel. It’s the last day and I’m not sure if it’s real.  My thoughts are jumbled; they’re a pile on the floor.  My heart is starting to scream from the pain. It can’t take much more. It’s the last day. I’ve hugged who I could.…… Continue reading The Last Day

A Token of Thanks

    I love to blog. I do it for an outlet to express my feelings. When I started this blog, I didn’t imagine people would become so supportive and actually take a liking to my musings. This also goes for my Facebook page. I do not promote my page, even though Facebook asks me…… Continue reading A Token of Thanks

HEY!! … Thanks. :-)

Hello Everyone! I haven’t been writing any words lately because I have been beyond busy. However, these words came to mind today and I felt the need to share. I want to dedicate this post to all the people who visit my blog and like the posts. I want to send you a heartfelt thank…… Continue reading HEY!! … Thanks. 🙂