When Your Room Resembles Your Life.

It’s a mess, but it doesn’t have to be.


Look At That Face!

It’s Wednesday. The work week is almost over, for some and looming for others. I’m in the middle. I work all the time. I didn’t choose the work life, the work life chose me. (I don’t know where that came from) Anywho… When you’re stressed and life is getting you down, remember to always engage…… Continue reading Look At That Face!

Something Serious – Self-Care

I want to talk about or rather write about something very serious, self-care. Not sure what that is? Well here is an example. We are going to name our person George. I like that name for some strange reason. George is an extreme case so this example is driven home. George has 5 kids aging…… Continue reading Something Serious – Self-Care