The flower sure is pretty, for now.


I See It Now

I live in the woods now. I have a never ending grab at plot lines and stunning inspiration.  This morning, I found myself hunting in District 12. Only I am not Katniss, and I didn’t, nor do I, have a bow and arrow. However, this bird was singing, and it reminded me of a mockingjay.…… Continue reading I See It Now

The Relief

It was subtle. The thunder echoing in the distance. The clouds gathering at a snail’s pace, their color changing as they merged. The wind rustled the tall trees and danced with their leaves. Nature was singing its normal tune, at its normal time. The heat grew over the course of the day. The humidity remained…… Continue reading The Relief

I’m Just Bored, Really.

Today was so busy that I forgot to blog, and I wanted to. No seriously, it’s all I’ve thought about. I even made a list. Are you done smirking? So I was walking my dog and was thinking about all the things I wanted to talk about, then I saw a huge spider just chilling…… Continue reading I’m Just Bored, Really.

Thank You, Everyone

Well my friends another weekend in May has gone and a new week is here. Last week brought many surprises. What was thought to become a normal week, became a week that was extremely busy. Let’s recap. While we do, look out for lessons along the way. 🙂 I know, lessons are boring. Morals you…… Continue reading Thank You, Everyone