My Appendage Part 3

Read my continued saga of my increasing debt, how I plan to get out, and how it is effecting me.


Where Are You? 

I wrote this a while back through tears and heartache. It is a poem of sorts. I hope you enjoy it and Happy Tuesday. When I need you, you’re never thereWhen you’re here, you’re never thereI reach for you, you’re never there. The pain grows. The sorrow shows. I’m empty. I’m lonely. My heart hardens My…… Continue reading Where Are You? 

Thanks. No, Really

Look, dog…I get it. You had me for a while. You made me think I was inadequate. You made me think I was lost and incapable. Good job. The last person that did that was chastised out of my life forever. However, you’re a dog, and though the thought has crossed my mind more than…… Continue reading Thanks. No, Really