Oh Look, Poo

That’s the mountain I need.


Happy 4th of July. 

Hello readers.  I’ve been working a lot lately and focusing on some other venues. I wanted to take a moment to wish all my faithful followers a happy 4th of July. Be safe. If you like fireworks, keep them away from your genitals.  Don’t make the statement “hold my beer – watch this”, before you…… Continue reading Happy 4th of July. 

A Little Very Dry Humor

I don’t write everyday. I can’t always find something provocative to say. I can’t always find the words despite the title of this blog. Sometimes, I am at a loss. Today, I give you a poem.  It’s short and sweet Like a narrow street It ends abrupt ….. The end.  Happy Tuesday!  My dog doesn’t…… Continue reading A Little Very Dry Humor

Happy 25th Birthday!!

Ahh, the time of the year when we celebrate our freedom from the womb. Or something like that. This day belongs to Tim, my husband. Today he is 25 going on 32. I have a surprise for him later, that I will blog about another day. But this post belongs to TIM!!! I’ve been thinking…… Continue reading Happy 25th Birthday!!

Too Much Logic In The Room

What you say makes too much sense. I said this to my husband a few nights ago. It was storming and the flashes of lighting were keeping me awake. He told me, as he always does, that if I slept with my eyes closed, I wouldn’t be distracted be the light. *huffs* – that was…… Continue reading Too Much Logic In The Room