Oh Look, Poo

That’s the mountain I need.


Happy 4th of July. 

Hello readers.  I’ve been working a lot lately and focusing on some other venues. I wanted to take a moment to wish all my faithful followers a happy 4th of July. Be safe. If you like fireworks, keep them away from your genitals.  Don’t make the statement “hold my beer – watch this”, before you…… Continue reading Happy 4th of July. 

A Little Very Dry Humor

I don’t write everyday. I can’t always find something provocative to say. I can’t always find the words despite the title of this blog. Sometimes, I am at a loss. Today, I give you a poem.  It’s short and sweet Like a narrow street It ends abrupt ….. The end.  Happy Tuesday!  My dog doesn’t…… Continue reading A Little Very Dry Humor

A Pause

I was walking my new friend, Einstein yesterday, and it was nice and casual. It wasn’t our usual training walk where I keep the leash real short and make sure he’s paying attention to me. We all need breaks. That’s when I noticed the right moment to take this photo. Life cannot always be rigorous…… Continue reading A Pause

Mondays Can Be Mean, If You Want Them To Be

It is the first Monday to a new year. What will happen? Well… a number of things. You could stub your toe while dragging your body to the bathroom. You could spill coffee on yourself. You could get stuck in traffic. You could do a number of things that always make any Monday *the best…… Continue reading Mondays Can Be Mean, If You Want Them To Be