It Is Who I Am

A piece about who I am and what I was always meant to be.


Finding A Lost Dream

Today started like any other. I woke, prepared for the day, went to my vehicle, and opened the gate to leave. As I unhooked the chain, my thoughts transcended to that burning, perplexing question, What am I doing?  I’m going to work. I’m slaving away. I don’t like what I’m doing and I have to…… Continue reading Finding A Lost Dream

I’m A Writer. What’s Your Dream? 

If you’ve ever had a dream, you should follow it, no matter how crazy you think it is.  That sounds corny, doesn’t it. It is – sorta. It may be the corniest statement you ever read. However, all the successful people utter those words consistently. They preach them when ever they can. So why shouldn’t…… Continue reading I’m A Writer. What’s Your Dream?