My Weekend

Sometimes it ends up being a little more.


Happy 4th of July. 

Hello readers.  I’ve been working a lot lately and focusing on some other venues. I wanted to take a moment to wish all my faithful followers a happy 4th of July. Be safe. If you like fireworks, keep them away from your genitals.  Don’t make the statement “hold my beer – watch this”, before you…… Continue reading Happy 4th of July. 

My Inspiration

Monday! By now you’re well aware of what day it is. It’s 1:30 in the afternoon for Christ’s sakes. I, however, am just now getting out of my Monday funk. Remember when Monday’s were about inspiration? I don’t – even though I just did. For this Monday and my personal push to become more involved…… Continue reading My Inspiration


I want to say hi. HI! This past few weeks have taken a little of a toll on my emotions. My husband took a job in another state, I moved into my bosses house and have become her full-time nanny and assistant, I lost a fur-friend yesterday, and I am dealing with my already too…… Continue reading Changes