A Taste

My mind flutters with thousands of ideas for books. In order to hold myself accountable, I am taking time to organize my ideas and try to set goals. If you have followed me over the years, you can attest that I have horrible follow through. I am working on this aspect of my life. One…… Continue reading A Taste

Is It Too Much?

Hello my faithful followers. As I was typing that, I thought, Wow I sound like a cult leader. Huh. Anywho. I hope you have been well. I, however, have not. It is why you have not been graced with my brilliance. Stop laughing. I have taken some much-needed time and did a few things for…… Continue reading Is It Too Much?


I love books. I may have a slight addiction, but it’s not a problem. I have been in the bookstore recently and did not purchase anything. Really, it’s a freaking miracle. If I could hear a round of applause, that would be great. … … … … … Nothing? Fine. I only found about 14…… Continue reading Books!