300! (No, not the movie)

Many may scoff at the number. Their blogs with followers that reach the thousands, or perhaps they are even being paid for their endeavors.  While I aspire to become more like them, I must acknowledge the people who keep my dream alive.  Today, at the meek hour of approximately 3 am, this blog has 300 … Continue reading 300! (No, not the movie)

Here I Am. No Need To Worry.

Where you worried? I was. I haven't been here in over a month. Everything is changed, I nearly forgot my login credentials, and I almost forgot what it was like to write. It's a sad state of affairs. Life is progressing and I can't seem to progress with it. However - No wait - I … Continue reading Here I Am. No Need To Worry.

Don’t Let Me Fool You.

It is Wednesday, as I am sure you are aware, unless you had an epic night of shenanigans. I don't have much to offer for today. I don't have a poem to share, or a story. I don't have a moral packed revelation of thoughts, nor do I have a mile long list of complaints … Continue reading Don’t Let Me Fool You.