This is another 10 minute exercise. I'm really beginning to like these. I had this thought in my head when running last week. I began constructing a story while I was running. I thought of all the horrible things that could happen when running alone, in unfamiliar territory. So, to spice things up on my … Continue reading Instincts


I Once Was Sad and All Alone

This poem was written almost 8 years ago. It was one of my first pieces of written work. I wrote to ease my depression; which is gone. I gave this to my therapist who loved it so much, that she made copies and handed it out to troubled women at a shelter. She told me they … Continue reading I Once Was Sad and All Alone

I’m Just An Angry Individual

Ok... Ok... The title is an almost lie. I am quite angry, but my anger varies. I'm not always mad, but when I am, people should beware. It's not pretty and I can say some hurtful things. With that being said, I am devoting my 10 min write to being angry. I wrote this in … Continue reading I’m Just An Angry Individual


I've been thinking about this word a lot and I felt compeled to write a piece about it. Determination. Webster’s New World Dictionary defines determination as such: n. 1 a determining or being determined 2 a firm intention 3 firmness of purpose I like answer 2. A firm intention. To have determination is to have … Continue reading Determination