What I Learned This Weekend

Alright, alright… So I missed yesterday to talk about Sam, I did not run today, and … What! What else do you want me to say? I’m just kidding. I’m not mad. If I was, I would never direct it to my loyal fan base. I would just blame my husband for something he didn’t…… Continue reading What I Learned This Weekend

It Happens For A Reason

I don’t have a lot to say today which is strange. I actually looked at my blog for a moment and wondered what I could say to fill today’s space. Then it came to me. Yesterday I could hardly get out of bed. My stomach was in knots, my head ached, and my heart was(is)…… Continue reading It Happens For A Reason

It Takes Time

    I woke up this morning feeling like someone who has just lost an arm or a leg. It is strange to think that after 10 years, today I will not be making anymore special trips outside to watch my friend potty or play. My appendage has been taken and it still feels as…… Continue reading It Takes Time

I’m Not Sure That’s How It Works.

I’m moving out. My car is broken, again. Of course my sweet husband is letting me drive his car. Awww… (like he had a choice) 😉 As I am doing my normal thing yesterday, I open the trunk to pack it full of groceries. My packing is stopped short when I see a suitcase bigger…… Continue reading I’m Not Sure That’s How It Works.