It’s not always about you. While driving home from eating at our favorite place, I begin to talk about my “wonderful” car. My husband says, “You could trade this in for the new Scion”. I say, “Sure, but what about the kids?”. (I’m a nanny.) He says, “Take the Lexus and I’ll drive the new car”. Hmmm…. Suddenly, this conversation has shifted…… Continue reading Thanks,babe.

There Is A Way To Love?

A little about me for a moment. I am currently in school trying to obtain a degree in psychology. I am in a human development class. Last night a topic dug its way into my long term memory and was reiterated to my husband. 5 ways to love 1. Touch 2. Gifts 3. Words 4.…… Continue reading There Is A Way To Love?

No One Listens To Tim

I asked my husband this morning a fairly simple question. I said, “If you could choose a day of the week solely dedicated to you, what day would you choose?”. He was lying in bed and I’m sure he wasn’t fully awake because he said, “……….” That’s right, he didn’t answer. A good minute later…… Continue reading No One Listens To Tim

Something New

Hello. It has been so long that I almost don’t know what to write. I, my mind rather, took a break from blogging. I feel rather bad about this because things were going so well. I realize now why my break was extended. I didn’t have anything to share that I felt passionate about. I…… Continue reading Something New

My Temporary Loss of Sanity

They, whoever ‘they’ are, say that to get your brain out of non-writing prison, you have to write. That can be very hard to do, especially when you need ideas to write. -In order to write, I need to write.- Ok then, here I go. I recently exchanged my sanity for a trip through motherhood.…… Continue reading My Temporary Loss of Sanity