My Breaking Heart

My heart still breaking. My stomach still aching. I try describing the pain. It’s like a broken vein. I cry for what could have been. For a life that had to end. I tried to grieve and I couldn’t. I’m now sure that I wouldn’t The tears will not stop flowing Please stop this pain…… Continue reading My Breaking Heart

This Box Will Work

I have a rant. I have many meaningful, justified soap boxes. They all contain different labels. The biggest soap box reads “Caution: This Person Is Aggravated By People Who Refuse to Change!” I know, I know… However, hear me out. Where I find faults in others, I also find the same faults in myself. When I…… Continue reading This Box Will Work

Thank You, Everyone

Well my friends another weekend in May has gone and a new week is here. Last week brought many surprises. What was thought to become a normal week, became a week that was extremely busy. Let’s recap. While we do, look out for lessons along the way. 🙂 I know, lessons are boring. Morals you…… Continue reading Thank You, Everyone


I am not one to try to conform too often. I believe in sharing thoughts and ideas through all the social media outlets I can find and that is my way of trying not to conform by conforming. Hmmm…. I’m realizing that this does not make sense. I think I have been this way all…… Continue reading MOM!!