I’ve been thinking about this word a lot and I felt compeled to write a piece about it. Determination. Webster’s New World Dictionary defines determination as such: n. 1 a determining or being determined 2 a firm intention 3 firmness of purpose I like answer 2. A firm intention. To have determination is to have…… Continue reading Determination

Missing Stories

Hello everyone!! If you are following me and see that some stories are deleted, you are not seeing things. I have recently been edited. Something I am very excited about, but was also very nervous about. Even though my stories were not publishing material, and I need to re-write them, I am excited to do…… Continue reading Missing Stories

My Pretty Pink Knife

                    This piece is an actual  dream I had. Where the story begins, is also where my dream began. My husband did buy me a knife. He said he searched a long time to find me a knife with a pink handle. For some reason, I had this crazy dream about it. So, I…… Continue reading My Pretty Pink Knife