I Was Brainwashed Once.

Sometimes our minds can be changed in one instance, leaving the brainwashed mind behind.


It’s Time

I paused yesterday during my internal struggle for peace and realized I have been neglectful.  I have been neglecting myself. I preach what should be done and when it comes to it, I fall short.  It’s what happens, I suppose. We are supposed to learn, fail, and grow.  I wonder when I’ll succeed. When I’ll…… Continue reading It’s Time

A Sliver…

Hello my faithful followers. It’s Friday. For some of us, it is a good day. We slack off in the office. We count down the hours until it is time to leave    Oh Friday. …. I’m having a difficult time feeling grateful lately.  Others are reminding me about how awesome things are going, and…… Continue reading A Sliver…

300! (No, not the movie)

Many may scoff at the number. Their blogs with followers that reach the thousands, or perhaps they are even being paid for their endeavors.  While I aspire to become more like them, I must acknowledge the people who keep my dream alive.  Today, at the meek hour of approximately 3 am, this blog has 300…… Continue reading 300! (No, not the movie)

Deep Scratches

Just a little poem to free the soul.   It is chaos; this world I inhabit.  Holes, walls, and thorns leaving scratches. I fall. I climb. I bleed.  I never find what I feel I need.  I’m trapped in a storm. I can’t breathe.  Save me from the fear creating me.  I will never find…… Continue reading Deep Scratches