I Affirm

Positive affirmations. What does that mean? Here is my take on the subject. Positive affirmations are something you tell yourself to get what you deserve from the universe. I used one in the sentence above. I believe I deserve good things and the Universe will grant me those things such as money, success, power, and the most important, self-love.

I affirm self-love because sometimes I am extremely hard on myself. I tell myself I am not good enough, I can do better, I am wasting my time, no one wants to read my junk anyway. I tell myself these things all of the time. I am willing to guess you do too.

Well, I am trying to change my perspectives. In order to do so, I bought a notebook, found some ideas on Pinterest and got to work. Each day I write what I would like to manifest. The one thing I have learned after doing this for about a month, is I need to affirm more self-love.

It is hard to love one’s self. We digest the negative more than the positive. We harbor and set anchor onto all the negative things we have heard about ourselves over the years, and many of those thoughts come from ourselves.

What if we were to change those thoughts over time. We slowly build up our positivity word count. We say things such as, I am worthy, I am enough. We start to think positive about or mind and also our bodies. We can say things like, I am more than my body and I am in the process of loving my body.

We can tell ourselves affirmations to give us more self-confidence. We can say things like, I am proud of myself and my achievements, and I choose to stop apologizing for being me (this one I have trouble with). We can also write all the positive things about ourselves. This is something I do in my notebook about every 10 pages. I write about how smart I am, or how funny I am.

I often tell myself I am worthy of all my affirmations, like how I am worthy of being loved, by myself and by others. there is a quote in my affirmation book and it really hits home.

Self-worth teaches me that I do not have to lack in order to provide — Alexandra Elle

To me, this means I can provide for others while working on myself. I am the glass without holes.

Self-love and self-worth go hand-in-hand. You have to realize you are worthy of love, for example, in order to receive it. The same goes for money, success, and even the occasional miracle.

What do you affirm today?

Let it out... we are all listening.

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