Just Checking In.

Hello, Everyone.

It’s been a while, it seems. I forgot my 10 minute piece last Thursday. I’ve been clinging to depression, or it has been clinging to me. I’m not sure, yet. I just know I don’t feel like doing much. Everything seems forced. I keep pushing, though. I do so in order to keep stable.

I start this week a new. In hopes I can get back on track. It’s a beautiful day where I am. It’s just cool enough to drink coffee all day, listen to the horses nearby, and the wind rustle the leaves with a light touch.

October is coming to a close and it leaves a few more days for a grateful post and a piece where I use one of the October writing prompts and write for 10 minutes.

We will have few extra posts this week as I check off my to-do list and re-evaluate my goals and set new goals for September.

As always, thank you for following and reading. Check back, as I always have something to write about.

Let it out... we are all listening.

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