10 Minute Write Number 3

I hope your enjoying October’s word prompts. This weeks word is witches. Enjoy.

She opened the spell book looking for the perfect spell. She flipped the pages in a state of rage – nearly tearing each one with every flip.

“It must be in here!” she screamed. The bats fluttered around her head at the shriek of her voice. Her cat jumped off the window ledge in fear.

To no avail, she lost her spell. He sat in the corner, bound and gaged – tears streaming down his face.

She walked toward him, as calm as she could be. She flashed a smile while stroking his face. She plucked a tear from his face and let it drop on her tongue.

“You will love me. Whether you want to or not. I will bare your children and I shall have my coven.”

He squirmed is his chair, trying desperately to break free.

“Silence, my love. There’s no need to get excited. Your time will come soon.”

She went to her spell book and turned the pages once again.

“Finally!” she proclaimed.

She plucked his hairs and sliced his skin, letting the blood fill a vile.

She laughed a cruel laugh. The bats circled her head and the cat wove in between her feet.

“Soon, my friends. Soon.”

Let it out... we are all listening.

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