Grateful Post Number Three.

I am grateful for my patience.

It seems odd to type those words. I feel as though I don’t have enough patience. I feel anxious about my surroundings, and more often than not, I am fighting depression.

But I am patient.

This past week and this week too. I have been battling the urge to give up. I feel defeating. However, I am taking it slow and trying to have patience with myself.

It is very difficult.

I am proud of my small steps, though. The steps leading to my goals. I am proud of all I have done.

It’s getting easier.

And I am learning to gather more patience every day. I have to remind myself how it can’t come when I want it – like yesterday. It will come when I’m ready.

Patience is not instilled into every one, and I am grateful it didn’t miss me.

Let it out... we are all listening.

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