Despite the pills, the therapy, and my tips to help me stay positive, depression came and reared its ugly horns.

Depression is my worst demon.

I could feel it coming, slowly, oozing itself into the part of my brain which tells me I’m nothing, I’m worthless, and I should just end it all.

It’s always the happy ones.

I am happy. Deep down I want be normal and positive, but depression wont let me…all the time.

Writing helps. Posts like these help me process my feelings. Writing helps with the demons.

Those nasty things…

You’ll see me call them my demons a lot. A gave my mental health issues a name in order to better grasp a way to fight my brain. I get hobbies, write a lot, and destract myself from them. Maybe they will leave.

If I ignore them long enough…

Today, depression has me, but it is losing its grip – slowly.

What do you do to keep depression away, if you struggle with it?

4 thoughts on “Depression

  1. Hi sweetie I am applying for a job at the hospital here in my town and they need 3 references I asked Kris if she would give one for me from Soverein can you do one for me please??? I will send you what they need thank you 😊

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  2. Sometimes when I feel it coming on I give myself five minutes of misery,. I just sit or lie down and let whatever thoughts come and go then I do some mindfulness, which I find really helps me. It’s just focussing on your breathing, let your thoughts come and go but whenever you realise you’re thoughts are wondering go back to focussing on your breathing. I do this for 5 minutes 🙂 Caz x

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