The Struggle: 10 Minute Piece Number 2

Okay. Here is my 10 minute write inspired by the October Writing Prompts.

The word here is Serial Killer

She swiped her brow full of sweat with her flannel sleeve. This was man’s work, they told her. She smiled a half smile, and pushed the body toward the table. It struggled. For a brief moment, she wondered if her knots would hold. It wasn’t her first time, but this one was bigger than the others. She usually chose smaller victims, being smaller herself, at barely 5 feet. But she was determined to finish the job despite what the other serial killers told her in their monthly meeting. What did they know, anyway? She heaved the body on her prestine slab. Blood from her victims head drained onto the floor in fluid drops, creating a puddle. She tied him to the table. He started to wake, so she made a few extra knots – something she learned in her serial killer handbook. She could hear him make small moaning sounds. She turned to get her needles full of sedative. This needle had enough to knck down an elephant. Unfortunately, she would never reach her victim as her foot slipped on the puddle of blood and the needle in her hand made it into her side as she fell to the floor. Now she will never be in the elite serial killer club.

Let it out... we are all listening.

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