One Year of Grateful. Post Number 2

Me. I am grateful for me.

I often get wrapped inside my head and the world is bleak and hopeless inside the cracks where I choose to dwell. Sometimes, I fight the demons holding me hostage and look to find the good in this world. It is a daunting task.

I write this piece because today I am feeling ungrateful. When I feel this way, it is usually the best time to search for one thing you can be grateful for.

Today I seek to find gratefulness within myself. I am grateful for me.

I have a lot of issues. My mental health isn’t always up for tasks such as writing. It can often be a chore never getting done. Today I learned to give into my obsessive side. Doing so, lead me to writing this and that is why I am grateful. If it weren’t for my idiosyncrasies, I would never write. I would only contemplate writing.


My thoughts are often too scattered for me to make any sense of their paths. I just let them wonder. Today they are scattered. I suppose I am grateful, too, to have any thoughts at all. I am grateful for this life – mental health issues and all.

What are you grateful for?

Let it out... we are all listening.

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