My Dad: Grateful Post Number 6

I am grateful for my dad.

For this post, I want to write about my dad. He is a great guy.

I love his dedication to his work and family. He loves us for everything we are and even everything we are not. I love his appreciation of cars, animals, and friends. I am grateful for all the times he’s been there to guide me along, to give advice when needed. I love the way he answers the phone with a hey kiddo and the way he answers anything dramatic with an oh boy. I love his accent. I love his love for dogs and other animals. He is always ready to be outdoors and it is always time for coffee. I love how he has a smile when you’re blue and a joke when you’re sad. My dad is the greatest dad, and for these reasons, I am forever grateful.

2 thoughts on “My Dad: Grateful Post Number 6

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