Keeping It Together

A piece about how and where my ideas flow.

What the heck is going on? I am busy and I couldn’t be happier. What usually happens is quite the opposite. I am busy and I fall apart.

It has been known to those who have known me for many years, I love to stay busy. I always have multiple things going on at once, but this time, I am actually handling it – like a boss.

Now, my therapist says I stay busy to avoid dealing with some of my issues.

Perhaps, but my issues are ongoing and projects help me deal with the issues. Sort of ironic, I guess.

I am excited to stay busy.

Now, in order to keep busy and to not lose my sanity in the process, I keep as organized as possible.

Here’s how.

The first 4 photos are from my ever growing spreadsheet in Excel. I love all the pages I keep – each labeled for a new idea. It’s like a big binder I can carry with me. I keep track of all my blog and article posts, where they went, and the progress of each. I keep track of my book ideas, podcasts, and any new venture. I just check it off as I go.

The last pictures are if my to-do lists. I have it all organized by groups and then broke down into lists.

I use Microsoft and have an android phone. I have linked my computer and phone and back up all my work to my One Drive account. So if I decided to work on my computer right after I have worked on my phone, it is all saved. I never miss a beat or have to go back and enter the same information twice. It is so sweet.

Where I keep all the blog posts I write.
Where I keep all my book ideas.
This years gratitude and 10 minute ideas.
My podcast ideas.

However, I love notebooks, stickers, and the option of physical organization. For this, I have my binder for all my book ideas, index cards, and a plethora of notebooks. Here are my index cards.

My Novel in index card form.

They are color-coded, complete with a synopsis, and chapter details.

Here, is where I keep all my novel info.

My humongous binder

It seems like a lot to keep track of, but there’s a system to my madness, and it helps keep my sane.

How do you keep your ideas organized? Let me know in the comments. Maybe we can share ideas?

Let it out... we are all listening.

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