I Should Play Too.

I figure since I made the Writing Prompts , I should also participate.

So here is my piece. I’m going to put 4 together since I missed 3 days.

**I’m thinkin I can add to this as the month goes along.**

All the prompts are in bold. You can use all or some if you would like to play, and I hope you do!

We were gathering at the lake, all my family and I. All of us, eating delicious bbq. Sauce and juices dripping from our chins. We were a bunch of pigs during feeding time.

Then I saw her. Hair as red as the sun settling down for the night over the plains. Her eyes were the ocean after a brutal storm. And here I am, the slick aftermath of what looked like a food eating contest.

She inched her way toward me after recognizing who I was. We sat next to each other in school, and often rode the bus together.

I searched desperately to wipe the watermelon seeds from my face as I gulped down enough iced tea to rid the food from my mouth.

She was here now, looking me over, trying not to laugh. All I wanted to do was to hop on a boat and leave.

Let it out... we are all listening.

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