Can’t We Get Along?

It’s nearly 4am, and I’m awake. This is wrong, but I can’t seem to stop my brain. It is spinning.

Yesterday was filled with exciting news that will be announced later. But the day grew with more exciting news all to do with writing.

But I’m trying to sleep. I start my 12 hour shifts tomorrow and I’ll need my rest, but here I am, writing – trying to calm my overactive brain.

I feel like the picture.

And I wonder when it will end? How long must I suffer?

Should I just roll with it? Let these creative 4am sparks fuel my writing sessions?

Let me add more fuel to the flame...

But I’m tired.

They said the meds will help me. They did, for a while. I nearly thought I was cured, of these sleep deprived nights, but here I am at 4am, awake with a brain who can’t rest.

I just want to sleep……

Let it out... we are all listening.

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