I Need A Hero: Part 2

So I decided, after fighting with myself and the creatures awaiting to devour my flesh, I was probably being over dramatic, and those creatures were more like cute little bunnies. Not the mean, ravenous kind, but the ones who contently eat carrots, and wrinkle their nose.

I took all my projects, stared at them directly, and demanded to speak to their boss. For how dare they give me anxiety.

I want to speak to a manager!

That’s right, I pulled a Karen, as the meme world likes to impose. Sorry, Karen. And I’m also sorry for anyone named Felicia.

There are times when I feel completely out of control. It’s nice to remind myself I can control the chaos.

And if I need to, wrangle the salivating creatures. They probably just need a hug and a cookie. We all do.

Let it out... we are all listening.

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