This Shouldn’t Be This Difficult.

Why Is Gratitude This Difficult?
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When I had the idea to post about being grateful and what I am grateful for, I assumed it would be easy. I was certain my list would be long.

However, when I put the pen to paper, I only came up with 9.


After, I just stared at the paper. How can I not think of more than 9?

It was then, I knew I was taking a lot of things for granted. Entirely way too much. I put the list aside and decided I would let the universe guide me. For me, when I can’t find the time, the money, or the gratitude, the Universe seems to show me or give me what I need. You just have to be receptive to the cause, and receptive I was.

The following day, after I came home from work, I was blessed with spending time with my niece. The next day, I was blessed with seeing friends I haven’t seen in months. One friend even gave me a beautiful gift of a framed Wonder Woman poster. I was elated. All of us had such a good time, with food, cake, and laughter. It was just the inspiration I needed. The universe knows.

Sometimes, all it takes is a few people to put your life into perspective. I often feel isolated – as if the only one in the world to listen or help with my problems is me, and I am wrong. I do this to myself, a sort of way to self-sabotage my life.

Now, I am excited about the gratitude pieces to come, and I am hopeful in sticking to my schedule.

Thank you to everyone who reads my work and supports me. I appreciate all of you.

2 thoughts on “This Shouldn’t Be This Difficult.

  1. I can relate to this post. I had a weekend of reflection and putting things in perspective, after a major disappointment. We have an annual music and art fest on our property every year, and I couldn’t be here for it, as I had to go and stay with our sound engineer’s wife, daughter and 2 month old baby. She couldn’t be alone due to a car accident she had last year. I was angry/sad/disappointed. But if I didn’t do it, the 50 bands wouldn’t be able to play. No music = no festival.
    I’m grateful for the weekend away. I got to cuddle a baby, have fascinating conversation with a 6 year old, and talk about books and everything else under the sun with K.
    It was restorative.

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