I Want To Know

Oh, Monday…

There’s a lot going on recently. I’ve been focusing on my Medium platform, trying to make a few dollars. I’ve had a few things published, which is very nice. However, I want to draw more focus to this blog, as it is my foundation to all my writing and has been such a creative outlet.

I don’t have a million followers, but to those of you who are here, I wanted to do something special.

I keep seeing people do challenges and the one I find most intriguing is the 1 year challenge. My question to myself and my social media followers was the topic. Should I post 365 days of gratitude or 365 days of 10 minute writes. If I did the writes, I could associate it the month. For instance, October I would write horror and in February I could write about love.

I want to do this because my mind lately is only focused on articles based around me, social issues, and the how to. I feel my creativity is slipping. I want to give it a boost.

So, readers, what do you think? I’m leaning more towards the themed writing for each month, but maybe I could do both?

Let me know, and if you love reading my work, you can always sign up for my newsletter at my website.

You can also follow me on my social media sites.

Let me know what you think and as always, thank you for reading!

3 thoughts on “I Want To Know

  1. maybe you could on the even days, gratitude and the odd days 10 minute write. seems like a lot of work and maybe instead of every day, how about monday/wednesday/friday and still alternate so one week would be more of one than the other.
    good luck

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