Maintaining The Hustle

I sit here, in this library, ready to be productive. Pink Floyd is whispering in my ears. I am in my own zone of music, thoughts, and of course, snacks. But I am exhausted. Sleep has eluded me because of a series of events out of my control. But I have to stay driven so I can maintain my sights on the bigger picture. My main goal.

On my podcast, I whine a little about how I want to stay at home. It is true. We all do, in some way – when the job isn’t rewarding, and our needs aren’t being met – emotionally or financially. It is draining. So I try to stay focused on earning the income needed to transition to work life to home life.

What I do know… It won’t be easy. It never is. The Universe wants to test you, to make sure the reward is thwarted.

So I hustle. I write, I speak, I market, and I search for the next dollar. There are many times when I almost feel guilty for pushing my work, my constant “look at me” ploy. It doesn’t work all the time, but there are sometimes when I see a few more followers.

I have to remind myself I am good enough. My writing is getting better with each passing minute, and perhaps my dream of staying home, is more than a dream. Perhaps it will be my new reality. We shall see.

I hope you stay for the journey, and perhaps one day you will say you knew me when..

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Let it out... we are all listening.

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