Something’s Happening.

Just another wake up call.

Wait… what’s going on?

My head is spinning. While I was gone, while I was reeling from getting my head out of my ass, ( you might remeber this post), I was contacted by a publisher and we had a meeting. It was a great meeting. We talked about my memoir. We discussed my plans for writing it, when I would like it finished, and what I needed in a form of supposrt to get it finished. It was a sort of a kick in the ass. I think what really spins my head is the notion of someone wanting to read what I have to write. Weird… I mean, yall are here, reading, liking, commenting, and you haven’t left, so it must be something.

But wait, there’s more….

I write on Medium as well as here, in hopes of generating income. Medium is a little tricky on how making money can work. So, in hopes of reaching a bigger audience, I started submitting request to write for different publications. I am now officially a writer for four publications. So far, I have submitted to one. My head spins because I know I should get my shit together so I can submit to the other publications. Sounds good, huh?

Let me add this…

If you have been here for a while, you’ve noticed I write about my debt. I was recently given a very nasty letter delivered by UPS. I was threatened with a lawsuit. I called, naturally because court fees and the mere embarrassment of going to court is not what my fragile mind needs right now. They told me I had to pay or else… bla… bla… bla… I told them what I could do, and after “crunching the numbers”, they decided my meager amount of $50 a pay period would suffice. No shit. The letter was a nice touch. The delivery of the certified letter was really the cherry on top of your magnificent psychological warfare to get money from me. Yes, I owe it. Yes, I need to pay it, but it wasn’t on my list. What pisses me off about creditors is the tactics the use to make you give in. On the somewhat optimistic side, it is another debt slowly making it’s way out of my life, and for that I am grateful. My reason for sharing is that it just added more stress to my life, and also this is my blog and my scattered brain…

The light is starting to blind me.

There’s a calling in my life, a purpose, and it isn’t hard labor, petty coworkers, bullshit tasks, gossip, lack of management, and a job that sucks the soul right out of you. My purpose is to write. Everyday, as the minutes tick by, all I can think about is writing, how I can make a living at it, and how I can be my own boss because if the management sucks, I can only blame myself. I’m tired of going to work and crying. Writing pulls at me like a force dragging me through hell. I embrace the pull with my every fiber. I wrote about kicking my own ass into gear and the universe guided me into the right direction. I am blinded by the light of my own purpose, and I am going to need darker shades.

I am excited for what the year is bringing, thus far. Now for my next trick, organization.

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