A New Month

Hello everyone. July is here. Summer is in its threshold. Ahh… the heat.

Today marks a new month and for each 1 that hits the calendar, it means a new start, a new date to begin something new.

For many writers, it starts a new month to put in word count on our works in progress. They call it CampNaNoWriMO (or something like that). For me, it is too much pressure to put in a word count every day. If I put a number on my creativity, it dies.

But I do have goals for this month and I hope you are there to watch me. A new installment of The Takeover is due and a plot is brewing for my new chapter.

Cloie, my main character, finds herself in the middle of a full government takedown, despite her attitude of being safe. Her children are missing, and the girl with fire in her hair just may give her strength. If you are following along, you may have noticed a chapter missing from the ranks. I decided to withhold said chapter because while it fit, it wasn’t the right time to introduce it.

Sometimes, it pays to have a plan. I am NOT a planner when it comes to writing. I write by the seat of my pants. I am a panster. I am finding, this really isn’t the way to go. So I am trying a software program that helps me become more of a planner. I downloaded Scrivener. This writing software is anything but easy to use. So I have been playing with it for over a month – probably longer.

In my process, I have found a spark to start my memoir and get it organized with Scrivener as well. What really makes me happy is finding older piece of work hidden away inside my computer and breathing new life into each piece with the same software. Scrivener is really amazing and what’s even better is I haven’t tapped into its true potential.

So maybe… Cloie can have a better plan than “let’s see where she goes today”.

July brings a fresh wave of new ideas. It’s a good month to see where you are with the plans you made at the beginning of the year.

So here I am looking at where I’ve come with my writing and there have been so many great things, though sometimes, I feel some sort of dread about where I am. But I have to look at how far I have come. Today sits a moment of reflection.

I have been writing for Channillo and Medium for a full year and gained momentum for each and even a few dollars. My memoir was accepted by Channillo and viewers await my first piece. This blog is gaining more attention. My writing goals are coming together and it really is exciting. My goal in life is to write full time. It has been a very slow process for me, but perhaps it can all come true.

There have been times when I left my writing behind, There have been times where I want to give up. I see others peoples success and ask myself why I haven’t succeeded too. But I have. I really have and more success is to come.

I am so happy to write for my audience no matter how small. To me it’s a full house and I shall give it my all.

Here’s to a new month, a time of reflection, and a time to keep on going.

Let it out... we are all listening.

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