Oh Look! Progress!

Look at all those goals.

I’ve been away. I’m a stressed out mess right now. I have deadlines approaching, work to be done, and somehow, I lost the drive to do them. You can read more about that in a future post.

This post is to share.

If you signed up for my newsletter, and you read the entire thing, you may have noticed something on the bottom. It is a challenge with a very lofty prize. However, It has been two weeks and I haven’t had any takers. So, I am extending the prize to next month – when the next newsletter comes out – about June 6 or so. You really do not want to miss out on the prize. You do have to work for it, but it is sooo worth it.

If you want in on the fun, you have to sign up for my newsletter. You can do that here. I promise, it isn’t spam and it’s only once a month.

The month of May is NaNiWiMo. It is a challenge for writers in a group called Ninja Writers. I joined this group a very long time ago, but have only participated in the challenge for a couple of years. The challenge really does put a focus on not only your reading and writing, but on marketing, and building your brand which is really important for a writer. You may remeber my posts from last year about the writing challenge. My few pieces of paper in a Manila folder turned out to become a huge 3 inch binder. Yes, I still use it.

*insert big eye emoji here*

Since I have been hiding, I started making some goals.

In the photo above, I have listed what I hope to accomplish this month.

My first goal is to write another chapter for my book, The Takeover. If you have been following along, I am on chapter three. I have some fans which is amazing and also very scary. You want to be received well, but you also just want to share your story. A long time ago, I decided I would write the story for myself and my niece in hopes to relieve the pressure. Now that I have a small following and reviews, the pressure seems to be growing. If you have been following me on social media (Twitter, FB, or Instagram and you can find those links on this blog), you may have read a really great review by a new fan. It got me really pumped to keep going. It is why writing a chapter is my first goal.

However, I saw something shiny, as writers do, and I started focusing on my memoir (three chapters to a publisher due at the end of this month), and then I saw a contest for about 3,000 words on a story about a utopia world, (I’m more of a dystopia kind of girl and I thought – why not?), so I started yet another writing project.

You may be asking… But what about all those short stories I promised AND the podcast?!

Well, they will come, some day – *insert crazy laugh here*

On a side note: the next episode in my podcast is being edited and almost done – yay! If you are following along there, I started over and will be reading my stories. I will warn you here as I have been warning everyone everywhere, almost all the stories are horror related. Which means gore, violence, and a few scares. If you would like to check out the first episode which has nothing to do with the second *more crazy laughter* , you can check it out here.

The face of my podcast. (It’s my face)

My second goal is to write five blog posts (I’ve written 2 thus far) and to write a few pieces for Medium. (I have written zero thus far, but gained a lot of followers recently and some comments on my writing so I really need to reciprocate).

My third goal is to create 2 newsletters. I have completed one (go sign up) and I have time to do the second.

Ahh… progress.

You know, after I have typed all of this out, I feel much better about where I stand on the progress of my goals. When I first started to type this, I felt a little defeated. Sort of like I hadn’t done anything. I was beating myself up. However, with all the chaos this month, migraines, and no drive to do anything, I would like to think I actually did something. I’d like my trophy now, thank you.

Like the title of this blog post states – progress.

I hope you all follow along. Thank you for reading.

7 thoughts on “Oh Look! Progress!

      1. This blog has been going for over 7 years. I have been writing since I learned how to write. I do have a whole lot going on, but sometimes I think it isn’t enough. Lol. Do you ever feel that way?

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