I’m Done

I’m tired



I’m tired



I’m tired



I’m tired



I’m tired



I’m tired



I’m tired



This past week drained me. I was running on fumes and I didn’t even realize it until the fate of sleep ripped at my soul and caused me to drain any hope for energy I imagined.

I gave myself too much to accomplish, and I was certain, with the fire of a thousand dragons I would succeed.

I was wrong.

The words above are not in your typical poem format, but it breathes true everything I feel.

Along with my restless nights, comes a force of emotions I was not prepared to deal with. It caused me to panic and I left work in tears. It was a mixture of my overall desire to succeed without an ounce of failure. I must be perfect at all costs. Even if it costs me parts of my sanity.

That world is too big for me to hold. What I fail to see is how the world I am fiercely wanting to bear, is actually a puzzle waiting to be pieced together. I only have to break it and put each piece in its rightful place at the right time. If I slowed my gait, I would know when and where.

But my mind is too crowded. I am too hell-bent on glory.

Sometimes, I am too aware of my own faults and too conceited to fix them.

I hope you enjoy today’s poem. Please feel free to comment if you would like. And thank you for reading and following.

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