My Broken Heart

This poem, written April 4th, 2015, is from a time when I was so lost and confused. I was torn between loving myself and loving another. I was in a lot of pain this particular year. I found myself crying almost everyday. I could never put a grip on my emotions.

There are sometimes when I still feel as though I am lost, but my days of hurting like this are gone.

The featured image on this post is an overlay of photos. Each photo represents a time of heartbreak for me. You can see Einstein trying to comfort me when I was crying.

On day 2 of our poems for April and National Poetry Month, I give you this. Enjoy.

What is love?

Is it something you feel?

An emotion you can let go?

A fleeting thought.

A memory with
nothing to show.

A ring.

A piece of paper.

A note on the floor.

A fleeting emotion

I can’t feel anymore.

My heart breaks everyday.

A pain that makes its stay.

It bleeds.

It aches.

It screams.

It pleads.

This pumping machine.

Begs to rip at the seams.

My thoughts are torture.

My heads threatens to implode.

It drains.

It lies.

It threatens.

It dreams.

These pulsing electrodes.

Shocking me with every tear.

I don’t want it.

This thing I feel.

Take it.

Burn it.

Cut it.

Kill it.


This excruciating emotion,

Called love. 

Let it out... we are all listening.

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