Remembering When…

Hello everyone! March was a good month for writing. I am shocked at how much I achieved for March.

What I am excited about is April. April is National Poetry Month. Each year, on my blog, I try to write a poem each day, or each week. This years goal is to publish a 2 poems a week. Since I have not had the poem muse visit me lately, I am going to post poems I have already written. I will give a story behind each. What I also hope to do is squeeeze in a new poem during already scheduled ones. And not to worry for those who aren’t fans of poetry, you can always read my other blog post or wait because only I know what is really going on here and I may write a blog post or two, or four.

So for your Monday, I give you a poem written long ago. This poem was written when I was extremely stressed about the hours I was putting in at work. Since I am starting a new position at my job which requires 6 weeks of training, I thought this poem would be appropriate. I give you…


 I work

 I don’t live anymore. 

 I don’t breath anymore. 

 I’m tired. 

 I’m stressed. 

 I can’t see. 

 I can’t be. 

 There’s no space. 

 There’s no time. 

 There’s only fine lines

 It’s consuming – this place

 This confining place

 This deafening place

 This shrinking space

 There’s no sky

 No air 

 No birds

 No sea

 No cascading mountains

 Watching over me

 I’m here with papers

 With notes

 With deadlines

 With false hope

 I used to smile

 It was real

 The life I used to feel

 It’s gone

 I stopped chasing my dreams

 I started chasing what’s green

 But it has me ripping at the seams

 I work. 

Let it out... we are all listening.

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