Below is a photo of some words begging to be released. Later, it gave me an idea to write more.

Today, I was filled with hopeful aspirations of accomplishing so many things. In an instant, I felt drained and unmotivated. No matter how much I tried, my sights on finishing anything were blinded.

I took this as a cue, and came up with this instead. Let me know what you think, and thank you for reading.

I cry, each breath bursting into agonizing screams.

“Please!”, I manage to say. “Please give it back. I’m dying.”

It was true. It gave me all of who I am. Each oily puddle was a dose of enriching life.

She grinned the only way a psychopath could grin. Each side of her lips slowly inching their way to her plump cheekbones. Each sparkling tooth eerily making their appearance. My spine was set on fire by every nerve standing on edge.

I regretted begging. I should kiss her feet, grovel at her very existence. I should be lucky I’m here at all, but my stomach twists and my intestines retract. I’m wasting away and she bares her gleaming teeth and her lips spread thin across the blaring white enamel.

Her luscious hair grows thicker, while mine spreads thin. Her complexion glows, while mine turns grey. She looks at me, grinning, slowly laughing. It builds into a bellow and she can’t stop.

She continues for what seems like hours. Her head rocks back and forth. She gasps for air as each laugh becomes greater. She can’t take the humor in my pleading so she tries to hold her stomach, her muscles flinching from excessive use. Tears start to flow from her face, but she knows nothing of tears. She only sees others tears. She only knows of great energy. She dabs her face with her fingers to look at her tears. She puts her fingers to her lips and tastes this foreign thing. Her laughter has stopped. She rubs her face clean.

For a moment you could see the evil leave her face as she concentrates on wiping the tears. In those seconds, a strong sense of hope fills your empty void. You are certain, her moment of empathy will be in your favor. She stares at you with an intense gaze, turns her head like a confused dog, and the grin comes back.

She drops to the floor and licks up the small oily puddles until each spot is wiped clean. She cleans the oil so well, the floor shines. Then you know, only evil can do this.

She crawls to you on all fours, her tongue lapping, dripping with a mixture of saliva and oil. She inches toward you just short of intimate touching, her hot breath slithering into your nostrils. Her smile is bigger and her eyes are fierce and you’re sure she is to swallow you whole.

She wraps her plump fingers around your bony neck and she does what you feared.

When she comes for your energy, it is never enough. You will be drained, and then, you will be consumed.

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