My Weekend

I don’t have a whole lot to say today. I’m really exhausted from my crazy weekend, so I’m sharing my photos. May Monday be good to you.

The following photos are from my new phone. I’ve been an avid iPhone user since the iPhone came about. Now, I’ve switched to a Samsung Galaxy S9+. I love it. It takes amazing photos. It’s easy to use, and I love the big screen especially since I’m a little older, lol.

This is a piece I wrote before bed. My phone put it together inside this image. I think that’s pretty cool.

These are a few images of the moon from last night. (01/20/19) My new phone lets me put really amazing filters while photographing. I’m in love.

I took these at a local park. This new phone is my new love. It really captures the details.

Of course, I always have pictures of my dogs. This is Einstein (black and white dog) and Savanna (brindle colored dog).

I also was given a sewing machine for my birthday. I have never sewn before. So I started small and made a few baby burp rags and a bib, (which now I can’t find – oh well).

I am excited to make more items for my upcoming store. I even made a logo.

The C is me and the K is my niece.

So the weekend was fast, but I’ve been trying to keep up.

I’ve been taking it slow, even though I’d love to race with the best of them.

This comes from my recent bought of extreme migraines.

Last Monday, I was plagued by a migraine with a bloody nose. On Tuesday, my birthday, it came again, or more than likely it never went away. So I stayed in bed for two days and on Wednesday, I took it very slow. I was finally okay by Friday.

I did write and really wanted to put in a piece to Medium for their mental health issue, but I didn’t make it. Migraines suck.

I am excited about my appointment this week to receive some migraine treatment.

I hope I can get back to myself. These few days I really have, but I have to take it a day at a time.

What I love, is how I opened this app to load pictures, and I ended up writing.

Life is peculiar and sometimes you just roll with it.

I hope you enjoy the pictures!


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