A Spark of Inspiration

A friend of mine asked how my writing was going. I shrugged it off and stated it was “going”, but my attitude was horrible.

Granted, I was very distracted, and not “in the mood”. I thought about it later, and a few things came to mind:

First, to my friend, I apologize. It was a legitimate question, and it deserved an answer. Your thoughtful insight into my life does not go unnoticed, even though I can be a bitch.

Second, there is something about me that hates to talk about myself. I can be very elusive when put on the spot. It is weird. Often, I won’t shut up about myself, and more often than not, I am a fortress.

Third, (probably not last. I have ADD), my writing is going well. It is not what I had imagined, though. My brain weaved this fairy tale of endless amounts of time and silence. What was I thinking?

However, I am settling in.

I have time. You find it. You make it. You stop making excuses.

The truth is I have been writing every day. Perhaps I am not writing what I really want, (those chapters for my book, for instance), but I am definitely writing which is more than what I was doing.

Then, later on, the same night, after I shrugged off my friend’s question, a reader commented on one of my favorite pieces I have on here and on Medium. They left a very in depth, and meaningful thought. The piece is slowly gaining the traction it deserves.

Another piece I wrote on Medium was picked up by curators, (Medium jargon – I had to look it up and I still don’t get it, but apparently, it’s a big deal).

This is good news. Even this blog, which does not generate a ton of traffic, is getting more likes than before, and it makes me so happy. Readers are engaging. This is important because it lets me know this:

  • My writing is getting better.
  • I should never quit
  • My attitude about my writing should alter.

So yes, my writing is going well.

I am excited for what I can become. I am excited about what I am.

Thank you, friend, for asking me about my writing. In return, you sparked the creativity for this post, and the will to drive ahead.

I hope you find (more) inspiration too.

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