Maybe It’s Playtime

I’ve been trying to write, but my dogs won’t let me.

Please play with us.

I did write today, I just wanted to write a little while longer. Perhaps I should take a cue from my four-legged friends and take a break.

I can’t blame it all on them, though. I’m easily distracted. There’s a strong pull to constantly check Twitter and Instagram. I check them ALL THE TIME.

I waste so much time on those sites.

I justify my usage with vague excuses. We all know the ones.

It’s sort of sad.

There’s this time I’ve been given to write. It isn’t a large amount of time, but it’s there and it gets filled with errands, chores, and everyone’s constant need for my attention.

But there’s always my right to say no. There are the wee hours when I’m awake when I could disregard my incessant need to be on my phone for useless hours.

I could write then when no ones watching. When the world is asleep…

Until then, I’ll play with my dogs.

Are there any distractions that keep you from what you long to do most?

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