I Wander

Today is much better.

That’s a huge statement coming from me.

I wasn’t in a good place. I was on the verge of throwing in the towel and the thoughts wouldn’t stop.

I knew, despite what my paycheck would render, despite having to beg, I needed a day off. Just one day to get my mind in order. One day where I wasn’t driving to work. One day to look at the sky for more than an hour. I needed a day for me.

Today, I sit at my desk, cleared of dust, and prepared for thoughts, and I feel better.

It is amazing what one day can do.

I used to preach the value of self-care – something more than taking a shower and brushing your teeth. I preached taking the time for yourself, giving yourself one day where you do something you truly enjoy. I stopped practicing what I preached.

I love being outdoors and getting “lost”.

I would do it everyday if I had the means. It wouldn’t matter the weather, I would just go.

I’ve always had the heart to wander. I’m like a gypsy, but I long to come back to a place that is grounded, but I’d love an RV.

Sometimes, despite all the odds, you have to find a way to save yourself. Given what I am, it is a constant battle, but I’m strong.

If you’re reading this and feel lost, fight for what you love, and take the time to do it.

Below are some photos of my much needed day of wandering.

I wander because I am lost.

I am no longer lost once I wander.

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