It’s All I Got

I sit here watching scary movies on this dreary Halloween night, pondering a statement made to me recently. But I’m too focused on the screams of the tv. Innocent victims being slashed to pieces by masked murders.

They are my favorite. Originals caught in the hype of who could do it better: Freddy, Jason, Leatherface, or Mike Myers. Oh, the wonder…

But seriously… I am sitting here typing, squished between two sleeping dogs, under the covers, listening to the sound of raindrops tap the leaves.

My focus turns back to the statement. How do you do it all, she says.

Well… I suppose I do it one day at a time. Like the old tried and true method.

I have a lot going on. Almost too much. I love to watch movies, (horror if you got it), draw, read, and write. So, I suppose, on this dreary day, I can do both.

It is my only day off after this 13 day stretch of non-stop work.

So how do I do it all?

With a positive-as-I-can-get attitude. It’s all I have going for me. It is easy to get caught up in the depressing side of life. To lay in bed and wonder if life is worth living. I did it for some time. Let me tell you, it isn’t fun or productive.

I’m a little head-strong. I have some sort of purpose and when I do nothing, I go crazy, I get in trouble, and I forget I could have a life; sort of.

So, I stay positive. I sorta fake it, if you will, (like these horrible actors in this awesomely bad slasher movie).

I know it sounds ridiculous and maybe somewhat impossible, but if I don’t find a way to laugh or to fight my way through, I’m positive I’ll go crazy, and no one wants to see that.

So if you feel overwhelmed, exhausted, or if you feel like giving up, try to find the smallest positive thing, and make a habit of always seeking some sort of silver lining.

If you can’t, reach out to someone who can.

My positives are these two sleeping dogs, the tapping of rain on the leaves, and these perfectly horrible slasher movies.

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