I’m Waiting

My head is spinning today, which I guess is a good thing. At this very moment I am writing this piece at my desk, on my computer. A computer I had not opened for the use of writing in a very long time.

I took my computer to my dad’s house last night and my niece and I opened a new software last night designed to help plot my novel, The Takeover. The software is called The Novel Factory. For a meagerĀ $20 a month, I can use it to my heart’s desire, plotting as many novels as I can. So last night, we plotted.

This morning, I opened the computer to write you this piece and at the same time, have a Word document open in case an idea for my novel pierces my brain. I wrote a few sentences.

I opened my computer this morning to process something I find to be nothing but the truth for any writer.

First, coffee is your friend – at any hour.

Second, you must read what you want to write.

For me, it includes dystopian novels. Or rather novels that portray a world that could happen, but we all hope it doesn’t – like the Hunger Games for instance, or the novel I am currently reading, 1984 by George Orwell.

This particular novel came into light when our current president took his seat in the Oval Office.

This novel is scary. It hits too close to where we are currently with some pretty outlandish ideas, of course – we hope.

It makes me think of what I am writing. I hit on some pretty scary topics that could become truth, but what I haven’t done is come up with how we got there as a society. I need my outlandish idea. In 1984, as far as I have read, people who did not meet certain criteria were vaporized. This seems pretty crazy. But you can put this in a book because you’re a writer, and as a writer, you can do whatever you want. The trick is to make it sound believable. You have to paint the picture. You have to make your reader think it could happen, as far-fetched as it seems.

So I wait for my outlandish, but somehow believable idea to enter my mind so I can make it a reality in my book.

My niece filled my head with wonderful ideas last night. my trick is to make them grow.

Another aspect I need to process is my complete lack of desire to write. Remember my accountability notebook? I wrote in that thing diligently for a month. I was so excited about it, that I increased its size in hopes I would add more ideas for the next month. When that next month came, I wrote nothing. The notebook has been sitting at my desk, untouched, for almost three months.


This is sad.

Today, after I finish this piece, I hope to change that, and to make myself accountable again.

I’ll keep you posted.

What has helped, is that colorful notebook I bought. I put the start of three stories in there already! I just take a little time at night to write and then read, all while I wait for my Benadryl to kick in. I have severe allergies. So if you know of any bubbles I could live in, that would be great.



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