Thank You

There’s someone who changed my mind about you.

They showed me the real you.

The one who’s loyal.

The one who’s dedicated.

The one who loves unconditionally.

The one who snuggles.

The one who comforts.

The one who plays.

The one who watches.

The one who’s obedient.

The one who’s lazy.

The one who’s tolerant.

The one that makes me smile when life is too hard.

The one that makes me rethink my purpose.

The one that will go with me wherever the destination.

The one who’s been judged.

The one who’s been discriminated.

The one who’s been killed.

The one who’s fought.

The one who’s been tortured.

The one who’s been slaughtered.

The one who keeps loving.

The one who does all just for acceptance.

The one who gives everything for pride and money.

The one who never stops.

The one that never gives in.

The fearless.

The brave.

The one that steals hearts.

I was scared, but I was shown the way. I believed the fear. I was certain you could never change. But you were always the same. It was us that changed. We made you different. We fed the fear.

Someone made me see who you really are.

It was me.

I’m an advocate for pit bulls. May you meet one who will change your perspective.

Read this piece to find out when I changed my mind.


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