I hope this strikes you somehow. I hope we can change.

I am trying to write a story about men overcoming women. They strip away our rights and turn us into robots. It is a story that echoes real life. Perhaps it relates so much that I am having a difficult time writing the words.

I wrote some segments yesterday. It is for the story, but as I reread the pieces, it is also for now.

The main character is speaking in these pieces. To whom, I have not yet decided. I wanted to share with you what I have and perhaps start a conversation on what you thought. The dialogue reflects both what the MC is going through and what we as a nation are going through. I also imagined the words could be flipped and a male main character could be speaking the words as well.

I cant live in this place. What are we doing? I live in this country where I can do what I please. Life travels at the speed for which it was intended, but for them, it has stopped. Nothing is the same.

What will they do? Can they ever go back? Can things just be as they were but better?

We have this chance to help, but we are too selfish. We have to be the superpower.

But that is not how this works. It’s not how any of this works.

If we have the means, we have to teach others how to give what they can too.

We give until they can give back.

You help until they can help themselves, and then perhaps you help a little more. Everyone needs assistance now and again.

But there are too many things to worry about, I suppose.

We have to make sure we stay on top. We have to keep everyone under our thumbs.

Suddenly, I am in an abusive relationship. I don’t want to be here, but I cant leave. So I put up with it until the timing is just right. Until I can overthrow my dictator and regain my freedom.

The freedom I had when I was a child. When everything was amazing. My life had structure. It had meaning, and I had love.

Somewhere, I lost it all. I found love in other ways, although it wasn’t real. I only justified the small glories to make the tragedies seem okay.

That’s what we are doing. We are in an abusive relationship with a dictator. People tell us to leave. Others tell us its okay. None of us is right.

The abusers are wrong. They are the ones that have to change. They are the ones that have to leave.

If they won’t leave, forcibly make it happen. If they won’t change, make them leave.

Change is the ultimate fear.

You can live in fear, or you can change your life. Either way, you will be scared. We should never give into the fear. It will consume us. Then, we will have nothing to give.

This book, this place, this now, is us. More and more each day, I see this new world. It is different in its main theme, but as the news unravels, as the world falls apart, I look at this book, and it scares me. It scares me because I know I must write it no matter what I read or hear.

This is not a world filled with peace and love. It is a world of injustice and hate. Somehow, we must change.

Let it out... we are all listening.

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