Lovers Lost: A Poem

They told me to quit

But I couldn’t

They told me to stop

But I wouldn’t

I said I’d stop

But I couldn’t

I said I’d quit

But I wouldn’t

I love your lips

The sway in your hips

I love your hair

Your skin so fair

I love your eyes

I love it all

But hearts were broken

No words were spoken

The pain too deep

For words to keep

I left in shambles

Too hard to handle

But I see you now

So happy – no frowns

I imagine your laugh

I envision your smile

Though it’s been a while

I can smell your skin

Hear the laugh again

I’ll love to the end

After I love again

I want to stop

But I can’t

I want to quit…

Holding on

I’ll love you till we’re gone

Not your average poem, but this wasn’t your average love. Love isn’t something I’m very familiar with. I fell once. Hard. I never saw it coming. I just knew and my feelings were strong. I’m not good with feelings. The process of processing scares me, so I ran.

Love isn’t a game I’m willing to play so in order to withdraw, I’ll break a heart; including my own.

Let it out... we are all listening.

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