Broken Dreams

It’s the adults who ruin it for you. They take your dreams and shatter them. They explode with a force. The shards enter your body to stay with you forever as a constant reminded of what could have been. Imagine what life would have been if your ambitions were nurtured, tended like a precious garden – tilled, weeded, replaced with only the best soil. What a beautiful soul you would have become. Instead you walk around with scars and the painful memories of the broken dreams you carry with you until you dream no more.

3 thoughts on “Broken Dreams

    1. Yes. I try to do this with my niece. She has big dreams to travel. Instead of saying how expensive it is, I help her save or ask where she wants to go specifically, etc… Instead of crushing her dreams with defeating comments, I help her realize they can come true. Always wished I had an adult help lift my dreams instead of pushing them down.

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