It’s possible that the above title looks familiar. Perhaps it is something you have read this morning. You should know, I am part of a movement, and I too, will not be silenced. 

Written after reading the article in Time Magazine:

I read Time’s article this morning and became very proud of all the women who took the step forward to incite change. 

A movement I’ve been recalling in my head fo a very long time. We’ve been silenced enough. 

But through these trying months, it brings about all the times I’ve ever been sexually harassed and assaulted. It’s been openening a scab on the verge of healing. Or perhaps, it wasn’t that I was healed, it’s that I was numb. 

At work, a coworker, who’s thoughts should remain just that, produced into the vile protruding from his mouth. But not in a room where no one could hear, but in a room full of witnesses. After he felt he was done, after he laughed, after he walked away feeling a sense of accomplishment, and through what I felt was a sense of pride, I was left feeling disgusted and silenced. I didn’t know what to say and what I wanted to say would provoke more attention than I had desired. 

One coworker, a witness, a man, apologized for what he saw, saying I should never have to put up with that. Well, he’s right. I said, but I do because I’ve “put up with it” my entire life. At the risk of sounding conceited, I apologized, but felt the need to defend my words. So I said them in a stronger tone. I remembered the women taking steps forward so I didn’t have to take a step back. I do put up with it at the risk of losing it all, but I shouldn’t have to. I should be able to go to work and not have to deal with the likes of men who can’t find the decency to respect a woman. 

I remind myself of others. For it is through this movement, that women like myself can feel empowered to do what is right. 

“We can do it!”, rings in my ears. It means more than doing a job a man can do and even doing it better than a man, but that we too can have a voice, a box to speak, a mountain from which to yell, and a moon from which to scream – ME TOO!, and I (we) will no longer be silenced, shamed, ridiculed, or made to feel numb. We will no longer “put up with it”. 

I too will share and hope that my words, my inspiration will do more than spark a fire. I (we) hope it will fuel a raging inferno that burns until all the women find their voice. 

So yes, men, perhaps you should feel scared. Perhaps you should wonder about your actions, your words, your thoughts. Because as a woman, all that cocnsumes me are my thoughts, actions, words, and how they will make you react, and how I use less of them to draw away attention. The tables have turned and you should be afraid that I will never be silent again. 

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