Slow and Steady or Fast and Crazy?

Remember the days when I filled Tuesdays with running? All my blog posts were of the days my feet hit the pavement with fury. I sort of miss those days. However, I have somehow created a stumpy version of myself and now I am slightly overweight, my knees pain my, my hips scream in agony every time I rise from a chair. My body is in its own horror movie stuck on repeat.

Alas, I can not fret over what I used to be. While I would love to start running once more, I have to start small. I have to regain my strength.

So I bring you this: a pondering question. First, a set-up. Many know I have uprooted myself. I have no serious income, my bills are stacking, and I miss my friends. I should be in a darkroom, under the covers, contemplating m existence. However, I have begun writing and it makes me feel so much better. But I long for more. I need to exercise. So my question is this: Do you ever find yourself wanting to do everything at once even though you haven’t much stability? I want to do it all, and a part of me feels I should slow down, yet another part of me feels I should do it now; there’s no time like the present.

If you find yourself in this situation what is the course you take? Balls to the walls or time is of abundance, the turtle wins the race?

Sip your coffee, pretend your working, and let me know. I’ll end up doing what I want, of course, but I’m curious about you.

Let it out... we are all listening.

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